August 23, 2016

The Brewery Business Plan

Start Your Brewery With The Right Business Plan

A Solid Foundation


Whether a veteran of the craft beer industry or a homebrewer ready to make the jump into commercial brewing, the path to successfully starting a brewery begins by building a sound foundation. Over the years, has continually refined the 100+ page business plan we offer brewing entrepreneurs to guarantee them the best opportunity of success. To create the most comprehensive commercial brewery business plan available: we’ve called on decades of experience from a diversified group of craft experts based on their unique industry skill sets; continually revised and updated our 100+ page business plan with the latest craft analysis, trends, and statistics;  and dedicated more than 400 hours to create a business plan as close to bulletproof as you’ll find.

Today, after having helped dozens of breweries get their start, has become one of the premiere resources and consultantcies for craft brewing entrepreneurs in the United States.

Proven Track Record

Nothing speaks quite as loudly as results, and no other consultancy has helped start more craft breweries over the last 5 years than The breweries showcased below represent a small portion of the many craft breweries that has helped to start all over North America!

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Plan Benefits

Return On Investment

When you purchase the craft brewery business plan, it represents not just an investment in your future, but also materializes your ambitions and dreams of owning your own brewery. The feasibility study and/or business plan represent your commitment to making things happen – a first step on the long and exciting journey that lay ahead of you. Luckily, the professionals at have helped to both shorten your trek, and remove many of the obstacles in your way. With years of development and hundreds of hours at its foundation, the plan will shorten your learning curve, bring to light and resolve various issues you may not have considered, and provide you with a list of milestones to check off your list along the way.


Save Months of Time

calendarConsider the scenario from a monetary standpoint. The smallest 1 barrel nanobrewery we’ve worked with averaged at least $6,000/month in sales. The brewery business plan sells for $299. To produce a plan of equal caliber, you’re talking months worth of research and work – yet to adapt the brewery business plan to your particular business model, you’re talking 10-20% of that time. Your business plan can be complete in a matter of ~2 weeks instead of 3-4 months. That time savings translates directly into dollars. Whether you’re able to capture 2-3 months worth of what otherwise might be lost revenues by starting earlier, or you’re able to continue working a part/full time job while you plan your brewery – the brewery business plan offers a 5 figure return on your investment.



Included In The Brewery Business Plan

Business Plan Documents/Worksheets
Executive Summary Industry Stats & Benchmarks
Company Objectives Production Figures & Costs
Mission Statement & Vision 3 Year’s Pro Forma Statements
Key Success Factors Sales Analysis
Company Summary Tap Room & Distribution Analysis
Ownership Brewery Investment Costs
Start-up Summary Brew Systems Analysis
Sales Literature Licenses, Taxes, & Permits
Product Sourcing Location Upfitting Analysis
Technology Brewery Production Schedules
Market Analysis & Summary Target Market Demographics
Market Segmentation Employee Compensation Plans
Target Market Strategy Water Volume Heating Calculator
Market Needs Inventory, Equipment, & Incidental Cost Lists
Market Trends
Market Growth
Industry Analysis
Industry Participants
Distribution Patterns
Competition Buying Patterns
Main Competitors
Web Plan Summary
Website Marketing Strategy
Development Requirements
SWOT Analysis
Strategy Pyramid
Value Proposition
Competitive Edge
Marketing Strategy
Positioning Statement
Pricing Strategy
Promotion Strategy
Distribution Strategy
Marketing Programs
Sales Strategy
Sales Forecast
Sales Program
Strategic Alliances
Management Summary
Organizational Structure
Management Team
Management Team Gaps
Personnel Plan
Financial Plan
Startup Funding
Important Assumptions
Key Financial Indicators
Break-even Analysis
Projected Profit & Loss
Projected Cash Flow
Projected Balance Sheet
Business Ratios
The Investment Offering
Use of Funds
Payback Schedule


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