The Brewery Business Plan: How to Start A Brewery or Brewpub

$299.00 offers the most comprehensive and complete business plan available for entrepreneurs looking to break into the commercial craft beer industry. The 100+ page document acts as an informational resource, template, and guide while supplying various supporting materials that can be used to adapt the business plan to your own particular business model. Save yourself months worth of time, capture tens-of-thousands in additional revenue, and start doing what you love – brewing world-class craft beer!


The Brewery Business Plan’s Record of Success

The Brewery Business Plan is the most comprehensive and in-depth business plan available for breweries-in-planning, and it has the track record to back that up. Today, there are more than 70 breweries in active operation that have used the Brewery Business Plan to help launch their business.  Perhaps that’s why it’s been nicknamed, ‘The Bane of InBev’, because for every craft brewery the brewing giant has acquired, the Brewery Business Plan has replaced each one 6-7x over. We believe in staying true to the craft brewing culture, and that philosophy reverberates throughout the 100+ page business plan.  With the supporting spreadsheets, milestones, and other documents included along with the plan in multiple file formats,  the document is ready to be updated to your particular business model. The spreadsheets are scalable regardless of the size of your operation, so the business plan is perfect for nano-breweries, micro breweries, brewpubs, and regional breweries (with brewhouses up to 60 barrels). Part template and part guide, the plan is the perfect tool for entrepreneurs, brewery start-ups, and breweries-in-planning.

Start Your Brewery 10-12 Weeks Sooner

One of the best values offered by the Brewery Business Plan is the time savings it offers. While most entrepreneurs can write their own business plan, many don’t realize that a well laid out, informative, and accurate plan takes months worth of time to gather data from dozens of resources, develop a business model, verify the information using real world experience from other brewery owners, formulate hundreds of production and financial projections, receive product quotes from dozens of vendors and professional service providers, develop a complete cost profile, setup a marketing plan, and put together financial statements on everything from the break even analysis to the first 3 years worth of pro formas. That’s all before you’ve written the first sentence in your executive summary! Now, consider how much time you’ll spend consolidating all of that information and typing out a 70-80 page document (not including the various graphics, charts, and other peripheral items). Remember, time is money. The Brewery Business Plan affords start-ups the ability to open 10-12 weeks sooner than starting a plan from square one. The time savings offered by the Brewery Business Plan translates directly to the bottom line allowing owners the opportunity to capitalize on what would otherwise be lost revenues amounting to tens of thousands of dollars!

The Business Plan Covers Every Aspect of the Brewing Business

If those aspects of creating a business plan weren’t hard enough, the plan delves into every aspect of the brewing business. As such, there are bound to be significant gaps in any business plan developed from scratch – especially for newcomers to the industry. While a prospective owner may be gifted in marketing, they may not know the first thing about production or the number of employees they’ll need. If they’re familiar with the various components of the production cycle, they may not know how to put together the various accounting statements investors and financiers require (if you’ve ever done your own taxes, you’re familiar with the joys of accounting). Finding an individual that is talented across the entire business spectrum is not just rare, it’s almost impossible. Filling in the gaps is where the Brewery Business Plan shines. Years worth of research, validation, and revisions have created a business plan that is as close to bulletproof as you’ll find.

Included in the Brewery Business Plan

  • Outline Of Initial Planning Stages
  • Federal Licensing Overview and Company Setup
  • Craft Beer Target Market Breakdown
  • Emerging Trend Study & Analysis
  • Offers A Plethora Of Strategies Including:
    • Low-Cost Advertising Strategies
    • Zero Out-Of-Pocket Fundraising Strategies
    • Marketing Strategies
    • Sales And Distribution Strategies
    • Employee Management & Motivational Strategies
    • Options For Limiting Liability And Exposure
  • Analyzes Company Strengths, Hurdles, Threats, and Opportunities
  • Sets Up Production Schedule Analysis & Max Output
  • Provides Break-even Analysis
  • Estimates Initial Company Valuation
  • Plans For The Future:
    • Growth and Future Expansion Analysis
    • Examines Potential Future Markets/Projects
    • Three Years Of Financial Pro Formas & Projections
    • Examines Debt Service Payback & Investor Returns

Note: The Brewery Business Plan is a standardized product that is designed to be updated to your particular model. While the plan and the various accompanying documents that support the plan have been built in a manner to allow clients to quickly and easily update the plan to their particular business model, there is no way to account for every possible brewing business scenario. While the plan is loaded with information that can be inserted directly into your own plan, certain sections such as local and state brewing laws will require your input. We believe in being completely honest and upfront with our customers. While the Brewery Business Plan offers an incredible value, it will still require work on your part. There’s no feasible way to create a true ‘turn-key’ business plan for breweries.

If you have any questions about the business plan or the supporting documents that accompany the plan, please use the contact form on our home page to reach out to us. As part of your purchase, feel free to check back with us every so often as we consistently roll out new tools, data, documents, spreadsheets, studies, and other various resources which your purchase entitles you to. Our ultimate goal is nothing short of total client satisfaction and to see your dreams of owning your own brewery become a reality. We welcome any feedback you would like to offer on the plan using the contact form on our home page.

Tools and Resources To Use While Building Your Brewery Business Plan

Certified Vendor Network: Throughout the year, BBP consultants attend various trade shows, guild functions, festivals, and other craft beer related industry events. During many of these events, we network with a variety of vendors that cover almost every product and service available to the industry. To facilitate the research process, we maintain a directory of certified vendors to work with up-and-coming brewers. If you decide to purchase the Brewery Business Plan, please fill out the survey immediately after the checkout process. This adds your account as a Certified Vendor Network user. You’ll be able to select the specific products and services you are interested in, and members of our certified vendor network will work with you to provide quotes and educational instruction on the various products and services that they offer. As an added bonus, we encourage all members of the CVN to offer users a percentage discount or special pricing on the commercial brewing products and services that they offer. We highly encourage all clients to take advantage of benefits offered by the CVN – it’s an incredible networking tool that will save time, money, and even allow you to form some really great relationships with many of the veterans in the industry.
State Brewery Laws: (This is presently a work in progress due to the amount of information and frequent updates this resource requires; however, feel free to check and see if a summary of your state’s brewing laws have been included).