Brewery Feasibility Study

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One of the smartest investments you can make is having experienced professionals prove the feasibility of your project prior to investing serious capital, time, or both.

With the craft beer market moving towards a more localized brewery business with less of an emphasis on regional, state, or national distribution – a feasibility study is now more important than ever when determining project practicality or selecting a particular location.  Proprietary data mining techniques using software we’ve developed in-house are coupled with more than 30 refined and weighted key success factors to provide entrepreneurs with the perspective they need to make the difficult decisions that lie ahead. In addition, the study will provide insight on immediate opportunities within your local market that competitors have yet to capitalize on. Another key benefit provided by our enhanced feasibility study is the historical data from studies performed on markets around the United States. The results of your study are compared with dozens of other markets to show you exactly how your market stacks up, and to provide a scale to gauge what type of opportunity you have in front of you.

Finally, the study not only prepares you for the important decisions you have in front of you, it can also potentially fund them. When a study yields positive results, the findings are often so conclusive that financial loan underwriters have used our feasibility studies to provide commercial loan pre-approval to aspiring brewers. Whether you are looking to provide proof of concept to yourself, potential investors, or commercial lenders, the enhanced feasibility studies offered by BBP are truly second to none.


What is a Feasibility Study?

A traditional feasibility study is multi-faceted report that provides an objective review of local market conditions, analyzes the practicality of a business proposal, and allows business owners to make informed decisions when considering funding new business venture(s). In addition to the benefits provided by a traditional feasibility study, has enhanced the traditional feasibility study to include :

  • In-depth analysis of local market economic conditions and competing companies.
  • Compares study results to the results of dozens of other studies in markets around the country.
  • Identifies market entry opportunities and potential pitfalls.
  • Analyzes the adequacy of current market supply.
  • Determines the ability of established companies to meet current consumer demand levels.
  • Gauges consumer sentiment, trends, and relevant purchasing patterns.
  • Provides 3 multiple fundraising solutions:
    • Investor sourcing and brokerage
    • Crowdfunding
    • Certified 3rd Party Traditional and SBA Lenders

The enhanced feasibility study has become the industry benchmark for innovative analysis, unparalleled accuracy, and meticulous reporting. Not only does BBP’s feasibility study provide a clear picture of a project’s practicality, it goes to extraordinary lengths to work towards the success of the brewery or brewpub. The study builds upon the business model presented by prospective owners offering alternative and/or optimized business configurations to improve the project’s probability of success.

For the first time in the brewing industry, financial underwriters are using BBP’s enhanced feasibility study as the basis for issuing commercial loan pre-approval documents. Rather than requiring a complete business plan to be considered for financing, owners can now expedite the start-up process by getting pre-approved for financing in about a quarter of the time!


Whether you are considering opening a brewpub or brewery, a feasibility study from (BBP) is a wise investment. Historically, opening a brewery was considered one of the safest business start-ups for entrepreneurs. With more than 6,000 breweries now open across the United States and hundreds more breweries in planning, it’s only logical to question how many breweries the market can support?

Increased competition, overcrowded retailers’ shelves, excessive taxation, and restrictive laws governing craft breweries have had brewing industry insiders questioning when ‘SKUpocalypse’ (a saturated marketplace) might arrive. Many believe the time is already upon us. While there is some evidence of saturation at the national level, there is still an abundance of opportunity at the state and local levels for breweries to make their way into a very rewarding industry.

Brewery Practicality

When it comes to starting a brewery or brewpub, locating the brewing company in an area with some key characteristics will work towards your ultimate success:

  • Local support from area municipalities, local craft enthusiasts, and any residents that may live in close proximity to any prospective sites.
  • The population of the area has maintained a positive growth trend over the last 10 – 20 years (minimum).
  • The area shows continuous economic growth and development.
  • There are high concentrations of individuals within the local population matching the characteristics/demographics of the target market.
  • There are signs of excessive demand for local craft beer and/or inadequate supply.
  • Consumer trends and purchasing patterns that strengthen with time, and don’t deflate or stagnate.

BBP’s feasibility study sets the standard for unparalleled analysis, comprehensiveness, and accuracy by combining proprietary data mining software, real-time local market analytics, and the historical market data from hundreds of cities across the US.




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