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Get our free report and analysis of hundreds of actual brewery crowdfunding campaigns. The study attempts to determine the legitimacy or lack thereof of crowdfunding as a viable capitalization tool for new brewing companies.


Get Our Free Study Of 587 Actual Brewery Crowdfunding Campaigns!

Recently, we completed an in-depth study of brewery crowdfunding success/failure rates. The study was comprised of 587 actual brewery crowdfunding campaigns, and is available for download completely free of charge! Simply add this study to your cart, go through the standard checkout process (no credit card required) where you’ll see $0.00 as your final amount owed, and complete the checkout process. You can then immediately download the study on the Order Details screen.

Examining The Legitimacy Of Capitalizing A Start-up Brewing Company Using Crowdfunding

Over a year ago, we began a study to discover the legitimacy of the latest funding craze to hit the market: crowdfunding. There’s no shortage of opinionated articles on the web that both criticize and praise crowdfunding as a means of capitalizing a business. At times, the debate has gotten downright contentious. Here at, we deal with an enourmous amount of start-up companies looking to enter the market. Often our clients have posed the same question repeatedly, “What’s the best way to raise funds to start my brewery?”

Years worth of crowdfunding data has been collected and analyzed on nearly 600 breweries (587 to be exact) in this in-depth study of breweries, beer, and the crowds who support them. In this study, we attempt to provide solid, conclusive evidence to answer the following questions:

  • How much was raised by the average successful campaign?
  • What percentage of brewery crowdfunding campaigns were successful?
  • How much was raised by the average unsuccessful campaign?
  • Which is better a 30 day or 60 day crowdfunding campaign?
  • How many backers does the average campaign have?
  • What is the average goal amount I should set?
  • What was the average amount raised from each backer for successful vs unsuccessful campaigns?

What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a simple concept that uses an expanded supportive infrastructure by drawing a smaller amount of capital from a greater number of individuals (hence the name ‘crowd’ funding). Supporters of a campaign (aka ‘donors’ or ‘backers’) are often made up of friends, family, and the local community at-large who are interested in the future products or services offered by an aspiring business, established business, or charity.


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